No fortune: 2,939 nuggets = about 39 gold blocks = 3.82 nuggets per ore. Fortune I: 4,183 nuggets = about 52 gold blocks = 5.44 nuggets per ore It generates (most) Overworld Ores into the Nether. Like Netherrack, mining these ores aggravates Zombie Pigmen. Drops gold … When mined, it will yield 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 gold ore items. The bug. Gold You'll have to ensure you're well stocked with Gold, if you have hopes of acquiring Netherite Ore in Minecraft. Can be found pretty much anywhere in the Nether between Y-levels 10 and 117. Nether Gold Ore is easily come by in the Nether. You were unlucky. If it were to get a nether counterpart, then the rate at which it spawns in the over world should (in my opinion) be lowered and the gold or that would then spawn in the nether should spawn at a much lower rate then what it does in the over world. BIG QUESTION TIME! The gamepedia says Nether gold ore drops 2-6 gold nuggets when mined with any pickaxe. The Nether Ores mod has IC2 Ores as well. Nether gold ore is similar to normal gold ore but only spawns in the Nether. Due to this, nether gold ore will appear gray on the map I tested each level of fortune on 12 stacks of nether gold ore to see how this compared to the old mechanics. These Nether Ores are the equivalent of the Overworld Ores, except with a few exceptions: I think gold is already at a perfect rarity in its physical ore form (game wide). The Nether Gold ore is a new ore that spawns everywhere in the nether. Luckily, you won't need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine it. when you kill nether gold ore near the piglins they will get angry even you have gold armor Nether Ores is a mod made by PowerCrystals. In the new 20w12a snapshot, nether gold ore drops nuggets instead of itself. Netherrack and nether quartz ore both have the nether material color, while nether gold ore does not. When mined will drop between 4 and 6 nuggets (up to between 4 and 9 with Fortune III). Not only that, the Nether is hot and Netherrack is fragile, so wouldn't it make more sense if the Gold is already processed or fragmented? I suggest that similar to Lapis and Redstone - Nether Gold Ore drops Gold Nuggets instead. Nether Gold Ore a new ore in 1.16 nether uptade can found in nether when breaked with picaxe without silk touch they will drop gold nuggets. Nether gold ore does not drop gold ingots though, so it's less efficient. I've seen a bit of debate about this, but is fortune III or silk touch better when it comes to mining in the brand new nether? It's pretty rare but veins are pretty big. Personally, I say no. Fortune has a 33.3% chance to multiply the drops by 2, Fortune II has a 25% chance to multiply the drops by 2 or 3 and Fortune III has a 20% chance to multiply the drops by 2, 3, or 4 for a maximum possible drop of 24 golden nuggets.