Other Cities for Zip Code 38017; 38017 - COLLIERVILLE; 38017 - FISHERVILLE; 38017 - PIPERTON; 38017 - PIPRTN; Other Counties for Zip Code 38017; 38017 - FAYETTE; 38017 - SHELBY; Collierville Zip Codes; Collierville 38017; Collierville 38027 4 beds. With a variety of amenities to fit any lifestyle, come see what a difference 37 years of experience makes. 397 S Main Ext. Apartments For Rent in the 38017 ZIP Code of Collierville, TN - See official floorplans, pictures, prices and details for available Collierville apartments in 38017 at ApartmentHomeLiving.com. 3 beds. Explore Collierville, Tennessee zip code map, area code information, demographic, social and economic profile. $1,750. Find MoreCities in Tennessee that start with C, Post Office Address:2016 S HOUSTON LEVEE RD, Post Office Suburb:COLLIERVILLE, TN, 38017-0857,